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As I've said in my previous post, my boyfriend and I live in a tiny student apartment in a shipping container. Because of this, my miniature hobby usually takes up all of our dining table, and sometimes also the desk. He never complains, and I wanted to do something sweet, miniature style.

I decided to duplicate his beloved turntable in one inch scale. Of course a bit selfish, as the only thing to really benefit from this venture is the interior of my roombox.

But he still really likes it! At the end of this post you'll find a picture of the original turntable, so you can compare. :)
Complete with scratched vinyl

I took way too many pictures, so below you'll find how I made this tiny turntable.

I started by taking measurements of the real life model, a Thorens TD 160, and converting everything to one inch scale. I made a little cardboard box with said measurements, and covered it in silver Sharpie. Said Sharpie is now completely empty, a real shame as they are hard to find in The Netherlands :(

I covered the bottom with a sort of black plastic sheet, which has a nice sheen to it.
I then used some scraps of the veneer which I used for the floor, as you can see in the previous post, to cover the sides and top. With a normal mechanical pencil I drew on the Thorens logo.

Bit of a leap in chronology, but here you can see I added a spinning mat, little knobs, and of course the armature for the needle. The armature deviates the most from the original turntable design, but I wanted to give myself a break on that one.
I cut the dustcover from a thin sheet of clear plastic, with the sides carefully molten together.

And here you can see the original, with the tiny turntable on the record.

That's all for now, I hope you like it!


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  1. Hi Rebecca, this is amazing, you did a great job, the turntable is fantastic! I did also two Technics turntables a while ago for a project but they are far from being this beautiful. We also seem to have a lot in common, I'm also living in Amsterdam and newly started a blog as well.. I'll be following your posts and can't wait to read more... Susi

    1. Thank you so much! I saw your blog a few days ago, it actually inspired me to finally begin this blog. :) And the headphones tutorial is amazing, must try it soon! I can't wait for more of your posts.

  2. The turntable is excellent, as is the taste in music. Glad you have started blogging. I love to see modern miniatures =0)

    1. Thank you Pepper! The records are also replica's of lp's my boyfriend has, so the credit for the music taste must go to him. Though I very much enjoy his music taste. ;)

  3. if you live in a shipping container, then my miniature blog might just inspire you :-)
    have fun!

    1. Oh wow, your blog is absolutely amazing! It is amazing to see a shipping container miniature with such detail and accuracy!
      http://www.vn.nl/containerwoning/ In this dutch news article you can see a picture of the containers where I live. They're red too! However, we only have one, instead of two like your miniature version. So you can imagine we have to be very creative with the use of space. :)

  4. I do, I do, I like it! Mooi gedaan Rebecca en tof het gebaar naar je vriend en het is meteen een hardstikke persoonlijke aanwinst voor je roombox!

  5. Great work! Thanks for sharing! I love the last picture with life-size and miniature in the same picture =)


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